Afraid Of Death

by Time Crisis

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released April 4, 2015

Recorded in October 2014 at Out Loud studios in Brisbane, Australia
Engineered and mixed by Sam Saljooghi
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon
Cover art photography by Ryan Smith
Guest Vocals on 'Rise And Fall' by Max Chapman



all rights reserved


Time Crisis Brisbane, Australia

Hardcore/Crossover band from Brisbane, Australia

Death's Grip Crew

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Track Name: Rise And Fall
I still remember the old times
You were so young and full of life
But as the days have grown older
It's evident you've lost the fight

So much potential, so much desire
Wasted away as you were lead to the fire
All that you once loved has faded away
The old you I knew is nothing but a memory
Weak and defenceless, you stand on your own
You're consumed by all that makes you feel alone
Slowly but surely, you'll see whats been lost
But now it's too late, you've payed the ultimate cost

My old friend is dead, you're just a stranger to me
I wish it wasn't like this, I know it didn't have to be

Nothing to show for the life that you've lived
Nothing but all your empty promises
Haunted by the old life you left behind
But that's all out of sight, it's all out of mind

Your rise and fall from grace

The chemical consumes you
Everything you ever say and ever do
The poison controls you
It's too late for you now, this is your fatal end

Your rise and fall
Track Name: XXVI
Chaos ensues and consumes your mind
Fight to the death, leave all the weak behind
Bloodshed and aguish to feed your desire
Battle the masses before your time expires

Ignore your surroundings, ignorance reigns supreme
This day is ever haunting, never surrender to your knees
Desire empowers you, ignore your moral voice
March forward 'til the break of dawn, the damnation has come

Fulfil your deepest desire before the daylight expires
Feed the flame, the flame that burns to which your soul returns

Feed your disease
Bite the hand that feeds

A price tag for peace of mind can't be hard to find
Track Name: Abandoned
Forced to learn to grow on my own
No one to guide me from my early steps
No peace of mind for what could've been
Left to walk on my own two feet
I think of what it would've been like
To have your right there by my side
I got where I am on my own two feet
But where were you when I needed you?

Father figure absent from my early life
Happiness is hard to find in my recent ways
No guidance for me or my youthful mind
Where were you when I needed you?

Tell me where were you when I needed you?

Abandoned by my own blood
Track Name: Afraid Of Death
I lie awake at night and I'm thinking
"When will my time come to start sinking?"
Fear embraces me with a full force
Feels like my time has run it's full course

Eternal pain, wash away
everything that lives inside of me
On my own, nowhere to go
Six feet under becomes my home

A flash of light before my eyes signifies I'm afraid of death
The devil calls my name for I'm afraid of death

I live in fear of what's to come
I hold my breath and wait for the end
Deliver me to my own hell
Don't pray for me, this is my final chosen fate

Living in a constant fear that I cannot escape
I close my eyes and wait for the reaper to take me away

This fear inside my blackened soul
It lives in me, I'm tossing and turning
These sleepless nights are killing me
I can't control all these voices in my head

My past mistakes will haunt me into my grave
The pain I've caused inflicted back onto me
The icy touch has come to take my soul
When my time comes, the sound of the bell will toll

The devil calls my name for I'm afraid of death